Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summmmaaahhhh tiiiiimmmmeee!!!!

Yay!  Finally summer!  Living in the mountains, it's hard to really tell exactly when summer will start.  Seriously!  Two weeks ago, it was snowing like crazy, and  I have flowers, and very very tall grass which I need to take care of somewhere in-between chasing my kids around with baseball practice and games.  Heck, I think I have food spoiling in the fridge because I really haven't had time to cook it!  Had to put the crochet projects on hold for a bit after preschool graduation. I made these really cute butterflies for the kids out of yarn and pipe cleaners. Check them out on my Facebook craft page, Diamond Street Crafts. The classes are as follows: Caterpillars (2 1/2-3 yo.) and Butterflies (3-5/6 yo.) The kids loved them!  The yarn butterflies I made signified the caterpillars becoming butterflies, and the butterflies leaving for Kindergarten.  June is always busy for us, but this year just seems more so than before.  Oh, did I forget to tell you that I'm also on a softball team which plays once or twice a week?  Yep, add that into the mix, and we pretty much either don't eat dinner before 9pm any given day of the week, or I creatively pack a few lunch boxes to get us through the 4-8pm timeline.  I'm usually doing the latter.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything, because as short as summer is up here at 8,000ft, we cram as much as we can into our sun-drenched days.

Talk about cramming stuff in.....this weekend also marks Chaz & I's sixth wedding anniversary.  What are we doing you may ask?  Watching baseball games of course!  Oh, and we may also take our annual drive over Trail Ridge Road, where the snow up there is still about 25-30 feet deep!  I know, we're crazy around here with the snow.  Hey, it's not in my yard, so it's all good!  But it's always so impressive to see the towering banks of snow while driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.  We'll probably have lunch on the other side in Estes Park before hitting a playground, then driving back over to our side.  That pretty much sums up our anniversary weekend.  I'll post pics soon from the drive.  It's just one of those things you have to do when you live here in Colorado, or visit for sure.

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