Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Putting myself out there

I finally got the gumption to put my craft business out there for the world to see.  While I'm still new to being a business owner, I feel confident that I can offer a high quality product for people to enjoy for years to come.  Interested?  Then follow me on over to Facebook.  Here's my url:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Diamond-Street-Crafts/146055252134470

Up until now, I've been fairly reserved about putting myself out there for fear that one, I wouldn't be able to offer a high quality product, and two, fearing that not having a decent amount of stock on hand, would make me look foolish for trying.  (Big sigh of relief here)  I'm not really sure what took me so long to start promoting myself, but at this stage in my crafting career, I feel that no time is better than the present.  So for a teaser, here are a couple of my recent completed projects.

You can find more of my work on my new Facebook craft page.  Thanks for visiting my new site!

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  1. Ha! Dakota looks great in a cream scarf!
    I gave you an award on my blog! Go check it out!